Thick-film technology, equipment and production facilities of FOKON LLC
The essence of thick film technology lies in the fact that layers of conductive, resistive and dielectric pastes are added to a dielectric substrate through a screen.

As a result, structures of a given configuration are obtained. Structures serve as conductors, resistors or capacitors of a thick film IC. The Al2O3 or AlN ceramic as a substrate material is suitable.
Materials of conductors, resistors and dielectrics are specially prepared mixtures of metallic, glass and dielectric powders with an organic bond (conductor, resistive, dielectric pastes).

These pastes are applied for a screen printing onto a ceramic substrate.

Our company possesses a complete set of technological equipment for manufacturing.

In the manufacture of screen printing stencils, we use screen mesh from 100 to 300 mesh.
Subsequently, the obtained prints are subjected to firing.
The key to the success of thick-film technology is multi-stage control.
Finished prints are controlled by a number of parameters.

In addition to visual quality control, electrical testing methods are also used.
The most important parameters:
- surface resistance;
- thickness of prints before and after firing;
- geometric dimensions of prints;
- porosity of prints, etc.
The manufactured integrated hybrid IC is assembled with active and passive SMD components, IC chips.
Modern equipment provides high technological reliability.
To ensure high reliability, each of the hybrid IC is subjected to washing and subsequent optical and electrical control.
The connections of the installed IC chips to each other and to the terminations of the hybrid IC are carried out by means of thermocompression or ultrasonic welding.
The resistors laser tuning complex is one of the main elements of our technology. It provides the automatic laser adjustment of resistors with automatic positioning of contact probes. The complex allows significantly speeding up the operation of resistors fitting and increasing its reliability. Adjustment of resistors can be carried out both in the required nominal value and in accordance with the functional scheme.
The production areas of LLC FOKON are located in clean rooms of IP7 class. The production capacity is 1000 dm2 hybrid integrated circuits, which allows to meet the needs of any customer.